How to be a Bookie?

Before starting with the methods of being a bookie you must understand the exact meaning of it. The term Bookie is a jargon used in referring to “bookmaker”. A bookie is someone facilitating gambling usually on sports events. A bookie is the one who sets the odds, takes up, places bets, and pays out winning in furtherance of the people with the goal of maintaining balance in the books. He/She adjusts the odds as much as possible so that there is an equal proportion of people betting on win or loss.

They usually do not make money by betting themselves but by charging transaction fees on their customers’ bets, which is termed as vigorish. Bookies also earn by lending money to bettors. It’s not vital for a bookie to be an individual. Even an organization can become a bookie. Let’s see how to be a bookie:

Steps of becoming a bookie:

Understand business from the internet or from experienced people

Internet is a boon these days. You can learn anything, anytime, and from anywhere on the Internet. So, to accomplish your first step you will have to explore the Internet and understand the basics of business if you are new to it otherwise you can directly skip to learning the tips and tricks of doing a successful business.

Search for players

This is a hard step for every beginner because getting new players is not everyone’s cup of tea until and unless you know the right tips and tricks. Start your business with a few players first and at this stage, you must not think of making a huge amount of money. Patience is the key to success here. You have to remain focused on your few bettors and build a good relationship with them to ensure more engagement in the future.

Establishing bookie business through referrals

Start building relationships with your customers. Make them happy so that they refer your business to a new customer. The only key to success in this business is the art of turning strangers into customers and then customers into friends. Engage with your customers as much as possible. Remember, your prime motive is to make your customer talk about his/her experience in your business to some other person.

Converse with people and when they start engaging in your talks that’s the time when you should offer them to focus on your gambling business.