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Facebook ages: it is no longer the preferred network of teenagers  
According to study, YouTube and Snapchat are the favorites over Facebook in the United States.

Thinking of buying TV for the World Cup? This is what you should know
Consider the panel type and resolution, as well as the refresh rate and the processor.

How to activate the new authentication in two steps of Facebook
The social network changed the way to do this process to make it faster and easier. 

FBI launches global alert for the cyber attack and asks to restart the routers
The agency warns that cybercriminals could collect data or cut internet access.

The lawsuit against Google and Facebook for forcing users
According to an Austrian activist, the signatures are already violating the new European privacy rules

Apple blocks Steam plan to extend video games to iPhones
The video game platform for PC expects the apple company to reconsider the decision.

Twitter sets new disclosure rules for political announcements
Political advertisers in the US must identify and maintain a full online presence

The five books that Bill Gates recommends starting in 2018
The Microsoft co-founder says he reads 50 texts a year. These are your recommendations.

Samsung condemned to pay Apple US $ 533 million for violating patents
The apple company says the South Korean copied features of the iPhone's design.

MAY 25, 2018
This app turns your mobile into a lie detector
The application takes advantage of digital interactions to reveal when the person lies.

Comptroller found obsolete equipment in Vive Digital points
The entity visited 52 centers and also discovered low navigation capacity.

Facebook uses their WhatsApp data and does not plan to stop doing it
The network justifies the use of messaging service information to combat abusive content.

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