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7 cyberpunk games for the future and you have to follow

We all like that subgenre of science fiction that we call Cyberpunk and the truth is that video games have managed to perfectly rescue their setting.

The 8 Games delayed until 2019 that hurt us the most

The second biggest disappointment that the development of a videogame can give you, after the unappealable cancellation, is the delay. When a title changes date almost always it is to postpone it.

What will be the surprise games of E3 2018?

The E3 is a moment of illusion and announcements. Although the companies with their leaks every time make it more difficult for us to keep the surprise factor of the launches that are kept secret.

Fortnite and its incredible success story

Fornite Battle Royale has managed to become one of the most explosive phenomena of recent years. Did you know that Fortnite showed up, originally.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the war evolves with the most multitudinous COD

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the new Treyarch installment of Activision's great action franchise. Among the novelties, a departure from the solo experience.

Days Gone, extreme survival with weapons, infected and a motorcycle

We play one hour at Days Gone, the ambitious work of Sony Bend, which aims to offer its particular vision of the open world with a post-apocalypse bet full of zombies.

5 video games of which little was expected and surprised

There are good and bad surprises, also in video games. But the ones that interest us for this special are the positive ones, those of video games that were not expected ...

We played Spider-Man! The great game of Marvel, Sony and Insomniac

Marvel puts the same level of movies or comics to video games that will come under its Marvel Games label. The next show of his commitment to players is the new PlayStation 4 Spider-Man.

Great Wii U games that could reach Nintendo Switch

Despite its limited success as a platform, Wii U had important video games. Nintendo, along with other companies, recorded its ability as a developer with titles like Super Mario 3D World.

The games that will come this year to PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR Spring Showcase held in London has allowed us to know and try the new line of games that will arrive at PSVR this year. We tell you

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, an XCOM with a lot of personalities

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden does not intend to deceive anyone. It is a game clearly inspired by XCOM's turn-based combats and based on the license of the classic pencil-and-paper RPG.

The Best of March 2018 in Videogames

What a flood of great games we have received in the last weeks. We review it in this special Best of the Month of March, where we also highlight some of the most important news of the moment. Far Cry 5, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Ni no Kuni 2, Sea of Thieves ... which one do you prefer?

The 10 best classic car racing games

Speed video games or racing cars have always been a real lode that guarantees hours and hours of fun for fans and, although in recent times there are not as many representatives of driving as we would like, the truth is that the shadow of Oldest is always there to remind us where we come from. What are the 10 best classic speed games for the writing of 3DJuegos? Discover them in this special, and take a look to know where we came from and ... who knows! Maybe you even encourage yourself to try one that you did not play at the time or to relive the sensations with which you already enjoyed then.

C64 Mini, the return of the best-selling computer in history

Do you hear the name of Commodore 64? It was one of the most successful platforms of the 80s, a micro-computer that helped to popularize video games as a means of entertainment. Although it was actually more than that. On the occasion of the premiere of C64 Mini, in our test we reviewed the history of this machine, everything that it offered, and in passing, we can tell you why it may interest you.

Still, do not understand Nintendo Labo? 6 keys for you to do it

If you thought that Nintendo Labo was indicated only for a family audience ... well, you may not be quite right. We return to try the Toy-Con, its possibilities, and above all a workshop that will allow us to take advantage of the Joy-Con (in very surprising ways) in Nintendo Switch. Here are the 6 keys you need to know to understand what the Nintendo card holds.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: El Veredicto Final

En el veredicto final de Kingdom Come: Deliverance ponemos cara a cara las promesas con las que nació este ambicioso RPG medieval y su resultado final para que vosotros, los lectores, determinéis si el videojuego de Warhorse Studios ha cumplido las expectativas.

Onrush, Codemasters vitaminized MotorStorm

The creators of MotorStorm took little time to find new friends after the abandonment of Sony. The British of Codemasters decided to rescue them, and the answer to the new relationship is Onrush, a driving arcade or really crazy and innovative car game that we have already been able to prove. We tell you their main keys.

How will Super Smash Bros. be on Nintendo Switch?

The last Nintendo Direct has left us a big question: will Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch be a completely new video game? We know that HAL Laboratory is doing it, that Masahiro Sakurai is working on it, but we still have questions that we try to answer in this report, with data, and with your opinion.

We play God of War. Sony transforms Kratos

The new God of War performs a complete reboot on several iconic issues in this saga. How have you sat down to the Santa Monica Studio video game? We played the first few hours of GoW on PS4 and we made an advance on the quality of their proposal.

5 wishes for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

We now know that the origins of Lara Croft are a trilogy and that it closes this year. So we offer you our five wishes for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and we tell you how we would like it to be the new action and adventure game. Pyramids, combats, and a culmination of a story that has captivated us the last five years with first class titles.

The Council - How is your first chapter?

A mysterious meeting at Lord Mortimer's mansion is always a great occasion for eighteenth-century magnates to move the strings of Western society. What is Louis de Morat looking for in such a select evening? Know the whereabouts of his mother. Welcome to The Council, a video game between the cinematic adventure and the graphic adventure of Big Bad Wolf in which nothing is as it seems. Historical fiction for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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