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The AMD Athlon 200GE will not be overclockeable

Throughout 2018, more Athlon processors will arrive.

Last week we learned that AMD had decided to revive the Athlon brand with a new line of processors based on Zen architecture. In this way, the red company may offer competition to Intel in the low range, in which the second takes a lot of running almost alone. However, unfortunately, the new processors, starting with the Athlon 200GE, will not be overclockable, becoming the first Zen to lack the unlocked multiplier.

The Athlon 200GE will hit the market for $ 55, making it an ideal processor for users with limited budgets or who do not need a machine other than basic tasks. This kind of equipment is not exactly the kind that we want to overclock so it would be a somewhat useless feature. The Intel processors of the same price range cannot be overclocked, either. On the other hand, AMD has confirmed that it will launch two more processors throughout 2018: the Athlon 240GE and the Athlon 220GE. We do not know their specifications, but the logic indicates that they will carry juicier frequencies than those of 55 dollars.

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