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Devil May Cry 5: The most amazing combos seen to date

An action-packed video shows the strength and spectacularity of the DMC5 combats.

It remains a lot until the release of Devil May Cry 5, next March 2019, but fans of this saga count every day with hope. The reunion with this saga of Capcom is exciting, and more when we can see the game in motion. A video compiles some of the most spectacular combos from the demo of the last Gamescom 2018.

During the PAX West 2018, Capcom also showed some game fragments, which served as the presentation of the " Devil Breakers ", the mechanical arms that Nero uses to fight the demons and that will be fundamental in DMC 5. As you can see, the fights inherit some elements of the Ninja Theory proposal in DmC, but Capcom has been very clear about the role of this new Devil May Cry 5 in the saga. Game producer Matt Walker specifies that this will be the sequel to DMC4, which "can be expected to expand further into the combat philosophies established between the Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 4 ".

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