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Valve keeps joking with Half-Life 3

Many fans believe that Valve could be working in this highly anticipated game.

Gabe Newell, director of Valve, has fun playing cruelly with the illusions of the millions of fans who hope to enjoy, one day, Half-Life 3. Gave stars in a humorous sketch presented during the recent The International of DOTA 2. In the video, starring Newell, Kaci Aitchison, and Jake Kanner, we can see a recording session with phrases intended to recognize the achievements of the game's users. But Newell is unable to record the phrase "Triple Kill". In fact, during all the joke seems to have serious difficulties with all concepts related to the "3".

Thus, Newell avoids uttering the word "three" at all times, which has revived the hopes of Half-Life fans to receive the third installment. There are few who think that Valve would not give life to the rumors again if there really were no plans to develop that game. Against him are those who consider that a decade after the announcement of Half-Life 2 Episode 3 should not give more importance to the anecdote and that it is simply a joke. We remind readers that more than a year ago an alleged source of Valve said that plans for Half-Life 3 never came into existence.

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