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Steam adds Proton to bring Windows games to Linux

You can already play Linux without jerks.Linux

A few days ago we echoed a rumor that said Valve could be compatibilized Windows games in Linux, and today, thanks to the latest publication of Pierre-Loup Griffais, programmer of the company, in the forum section "Steam for Linux ", The cake is confirmed. If you are interested in how they are going to get it, review the entire article, which talks about it in great detail, but for now, we are left with the key to the subject: "Today we launched the beta of a new and improved version of Steam Play for all Linux users! It includes a modified version of Wine called Proton that offers compatibility with games for Windows. "

Valve says that the method, which is a fork of Wine, is based on Vulkan and offers full-screen game support, controls and performance improvements and multi-threaded games. However, according to Griffais, it is a project under development and they are still testing one by one all the games in the Steam catalog to see which ones can work well with this compatibility environment. For now, the list of games is not very modest to say, with titles like the 2016 Doom, Google Earth VR, Tekken 7, Mount & Blade, NieR: Automata or Into the Breach.

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