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Many and very good! Free games for the weekend on PC, PS4 and XOne

Coinciding with the EVO, abundant fighting games are available at no cost, but they are not the only ones!

Another weekend to come, and another sequence of Friday, Saturday and Sunday loaded with video games of all kinds that can be enjoyed for free during those days. The companies give the chest to promote their best work and, this time, there is a wide variety of fighting games to commemorate the tournament on the EVO theme that is also celebrated these days.

Next, the video games that you can enjoy for free this weekend:

Absolver - PC

The fascinating video game Absolver, by Sloclap , mixes multiplayer combats through the internet and many very attractive action concepts. Now you can get Absolver on Steam to play it for free during this weekend. A great opportunity to take a look!

Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Battle - PC

Of all the opportunities offered by this year's EVO, one of the most attractive is to try Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Battle. Like the other fighting games you can find in this news, you can enjoy it for free this weekend and, also, if we like to also access a discount of 10%.

GTA Online - PS4

Until August 6th we can enjoy the brilliant free multiplayer aspect of GTA V. Rockstar wants to promote GTA Online, which in recent times has experienced powerful updates, and, therefore, allows us to play it on PS4 at no cost during this weekend. The free GTA Online promotion has been running since July 25, so these are the last opportunities to enjoy it.

Endless Saga - PC

From Amplitude Studios they want to allow us the opportunity to play all the titles of the Endless series for free during this weekend and, for this, they provide us with no cost Endless Space, Endless Space 2, Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend. All Endless games free until August 6 on PC. Almost nothing!

Street Fighter V - PC

Street Fighter V on Steam

Tekken 7 - PC, Xbox One

Entry of Tekken 7 on Steam

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