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Lords of the Fallen 2 restarts its development from scratch

Defiant Studios, which was recently announced as the responsible team, wants to leave its mark.Lords of the Fallen 2

The development of Lords of the Fallen 2 is not being as pleasant as its distributors, City Interactive surely waited. If about a month and a half ago we told you that Lords of the Fallen 2 signed up to another studio to take over the production, now we know that they are going to start their work from scratch. They will not reuse anything that the previous team did, led by Tomasz Gop.

The British portal Eurogamer has an interview with David Grijns, the main head of Defiant Studios. "It's a complete restart, we started from scratch," acknowledged the executive, about a template that comes mainly from the Just Cause saga. "It's a new graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4, a new team ... One that does not have a great résumé in the Action-RPG genre, but that is something we see as a strength."

"We try to get a new concept that allows us to take certain elements of the genre one step further," added Ronald Lesterlin, another of the key members of the study. "We are going to do some things that will surprise the fans of the original Lords of the Fallen, and that will give us the opportunity to expand the brand's fan base."

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