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The last tower of Lian Li cooled down to your room

It has room for up to four liquid cooling systems.Lian Li cooled

Lian Li has released a new version of its PC-O11 tower. It's called PC-O11 Air, and it's a new variant with high airflow with room for many fans, with unrestricted panels on both the front and the top. Like the PC-O11 Dynamic, it has a multi-camera design, but in this case, it fits a dozen 120 mm fans (or less, in the case of opting for 140 mm), plus two 80 mm fans in the part back If liquid cooling goes, this box has room for four 360 mm radiators. Lian Li, eye, ensures that they can be installed without interfering with each other.

It's a big box, and with such cooling options, we imagine that few users will give full use to all the space it has. It measures 465x27x476 mm, and it fits up to an E-ATX plate. With regard to storage, allows you to install up to six units of 2.5 inches and three of 3.5. Of course, it has a transparent panel to see how beautiful the components are and to show off the computer when nobody comes to play in it. On the front, we can find two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 C-type and two audio and microphone jacks.

For now, you can only book, and the price of the basic model is $ 129.99. Another model, which adds three fans with RGB lighting to the basket, comes out for $ 149.99. In previous episodes of monstrous PC Boxes: the Obsidian 1000D of Corsair, in which two computers enter at the same time!

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