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The best Android and iOS games of this week

Retro platforms, rally, and fight to play on your smartphone.

As every weekend we bring you a selection of the most interesting games that have appeared during the last days for iOS and Android systems. Dere Evil Exe, the direct continuation of Dere Exe is one of them, a platform adventure in 2D too which Best Rally, a very original arcade of speed, as well as Mayhem Combat, an arcade of the fight to the Super Smash Bros. Three free to play quite attractive and different.

Dere Evil Exe
Developer: Darius Immanuel

The continuation of cult game Dere Exe has just landed for iOS and Android systems. It is a free to play that invites us to delve into an authentic 2D platform nightmare, a journey in which we will sweat Chinese ink to complete each phase. Our goal is to reach the end of a number of levels that have a classic design under side-scrolling, being necessary to dodge all kinds of obstacles and deadly traps ... while overcoming the odd puzzle along the way. His retro aesthetic is funny, the control is very precise (within what fits) and the soundtrack chiptune plan is excellent. A title as addictive as challenging.

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Dere Evil Exe on Android
Dere Evil Exe on iOS

Best Rally
Developer: Oddrok Oy

Simulation, realism and official licenses have fallen into oblivion in this new speed proposal for iOS systems. In Best Rally we are facing a different and very attractive work, especially to enjoy fast games. The game formula is as simple as reaching the finish line in more than thirty tracks of a really short extension, being necessary to take control of the steering wheel of the shift car to try to trim tenths of a second in each curve. A truly simple approach but very attractive and even engaging, especially when facing the most complex circuits. A very remarkable free to play.

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Best Rally on iOS

Mayhem Combat
Developer: Vivid

This production is not the most original in the world, but it works well and it is also free to play. In essence, it is an arcade of 2D gameplay that recalls the Super Smash Bros saga ... but with many nuances. Therefore our goal is to be the last fighters to leave the ring, being able to choose between a group not very strong but enough wrestlers who can also be personalized. The control works quite well although it is too simple to offer a great depth, being its main drawback. For the rest, it is a game well worked technically, direct in its approach and offering online multiplayer mode.

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Mayhem Combat on Android
Mayhem Combat on iOS

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