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The 8 Games delayed until 2019 that hurt us the most

2019 games list
2018 has left us great video games, yes, but also the broken heart based on delays. Many of the titles that we expected most to see in these twelve months will wait until 2019. There have been many who have given us a dislike, but these have been the most painful.

The delay. The word most feared by players around the world; and is that he is able to change the plans of the most awaited title release and send it, as if by magic, to another year. And without blinking! It is true that if you have to change the plans to launch a video game is because there is no choice, we do not believe in 3DJuegos that no distributor likes to extend a development when that usually means millions of extra dollars of investment. But, what do you want us to say ... It hurts like that!

This year we promised ourselves happy with a really incredible software catalog and, although 2018 is going to be another great year for lovers of this type of leisure, the truth is that it could have been even better if they had not been delayed until the next year a series of great video games. There have been many, many changes of plans that have delayed the premieres of many titles that were planned for these twelve months, some of them we wanted a lot and others we wanted a little less. But they all have in common that they will take a little longer to get to stores hoping to be better when they do.

The case of a Code Vein that goes to 2019 , the most recent of the postponed launches that we have lived lately, has been the trigger for us to remember the worst delays to 2019 that we have experienced this year. Look at them and cry!

BioWare (PC, XOne, PS4 - February 22, 2019)

Although it was scheduled to debut initially in 2018, the truth is that BioWare has cut short the deadlines with his ambitious Anthem, his first major foray into the multiplayer character shooter after many years giving away some of the best role-playing adventures of all times. The reasons why they have needed a longer period of development have not been too clear at any time, but what is clear is that the game has raffled the always tricky last quarter of the year, where it would have had to be measured with other shooters Call of Duty caliber: Black Ops 4 or Battlefield V, and has been in a pleasant month of February that EA expects to help its sales. Good news for them, if it was not because it coincides with some other game that you will see in this special, and a terrible one for us. At least, recently, we have been able to know that the Anthem will be translated into Spanish invoices and texts. That's great news!

Code Vein
Shift (PC, PS4, XOne - To Determine 2019)

The Shift guys had planned to launch Code Vein this year, however, they have had to change plans. The official explanation that has been offered is that they have realized the enormous interest that the product raises among fans and want to give everything to try to live up to the expectations that are being created. Would they have struggled from Bandai Namco less if they had not gotten so much interest? Surely not, but not too many explanations have been provided beyond giving the creators of the God Eater saga more time to build this vampire chronicle in the form of RPG in the best possible way. The threat of the Revenants, which we embody, will divide the heart of the player in this video game while we face the monstrous creatures that some of our old friends have become: the dangerous Lost.

Crackdown 3
Sumo Digital (PC, XOne - February 22, 2019)

There were days for Crackdown 3 to locate its launch date, specifically 365 throughout 2019, however, Microsoft has decided to place the premiere of its third installment of the Crackdown saga the same day it is put on sale Anthem. It's curious, huh? Well, wait, the calendar has some other surprise more. The troubled development of the shooter, which now holds the reins in solo Sumo Digital, has gone through all kinds of states and countless cancellation rumors. But now everything seems to end with a happy ending if, at last, deadlines are met and the exclusive of those from Redmond arrives at Xbox One and PC with Windows 10 fulfilling its expected promise of cooperative action and demolishing scenario destruction.

Days Gone 
Bend Studio (PS4 - February 22, 2019)

Wait, wait ... Another video game of this special that goes on sale on February 22, 2019? Do not know how to launch them on another date? Sony she joins the group of publishers who have delayed the release of a video game and they have placed it on that day, and she has scheduled the arrival at PS4 of Days Gone for that date precisely. The title of zombies and open world starring Deacon St. John still has much to prove in playable and narrative terms, but if we ignore exclusively its technological section we find a few waves of amazing zombies that have everything to captivate us. But, as we know, that is not enough and cannot be enough to consolidate a great video game. In fact, the feeling that the title needed more work behind his back is widespread, so when the release date was set for Days Gone, no one was surprised that he did not meet deadlines and did not appear in 2018.

Kingdom Hearts III 
Square Enix (PS4, XOne - January 29, 2019)

It is hard to imagine how beloved Kingdom Hearts III is, which was one of the most anticipated titles of this year and that departed more than one heart when announcing that it would not meet deadlines and that will wait until 2019. Kingdom Hearts 3 closed date of launching for the end of January and, although it was initially scheduled for 2018, it will be launched with greater tranquility and, surely, a big polish at the end of January. That has served us not only to trust even more in the closing of a saga as KH deserves a pinch to match but also to continue to know what are all the worlds and secrets that Square Enix is preparing to finish falling in love.

Exodus Metro
4A Games (PS4, XOne - February 22, 2019)

Wait, wait ... Look at the date. Exact! Another one! Metro Exodus has also chosen on February 22 to launch. Because if we did not have enough with everything that opens that day, the guys at 4A Games have wanted to continue their brilliant Metro saga with another episode for the same day that is released almost any important game of the first bars of 2019. Share with the rest of the titles that are put on sale on that date some very impressive graphics and also stimulating playable promises with which to tell us a new story of Artyom in a post-apocalyptic world that, on this occasion, intends to put aside the subsoil and open before our astonished eyes more than ever before.

Shenmue III 
YS Net (PC, PS4 - Second Half of 2019)

When the development of Shenmue 3 was announced, there was an authentic outburst of joy among the fans. The return of the Shenmue saga had been missed by many for a long time, however, the developer has been leaving clues that have made some users worry about the future of the title. Yu Suzuki is a legendary name in the industry, and that is one of the greatest elements of tranquility for the amateur. Over time we will discover if the remarkable graphics improvement of Shenmue 3 that we have seen in the last images is transferred to the other elements of the game that, to be honest, had left us a bit cold. In 3DJuegos we like to be optimistic, so we keep our enormous illusion for Shenmue III intact.

Good-Feel (Switch - To Determine 2019)

There are a lot and a lot of good that we've been able to enjoy on Nintendo Switch this year, but there could have been even more things if Yoshi's video game had met the deadlines. When it was announced that Yoshi would leave in 2019 the heart of more than one Nintendo broke into a thousand pieces, and not many explanations were given about the change of plans. It was only specified that the development of Yoshi is progressing very well and that it is expected to introduce some improvements. At the moment we do not know much more about the video game, beyond that it will repeat the patterns of previous deliveries carried out by the nice creature, and that will introduce abundant new elements in its formula to stand out from games like the brilliant Yoshi

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