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Samsung plans to launch MicroLED technology in 2019

With panels greater than and superior to QLED and OLED.Samsung

MicroLED technology has the potential to revolutionize the visual industry. In theory, it presents improvements with respect to what QLED and OLED technologies can offer while, on the other hand, it eliminates the disadvantages of each standard such as latency, "burns" of the OLED or the lack of pixel lighting of the panels QLED. At this year's CES show, Samsung introduced a massive 146-inch television that it named The Wall and that served to demonstrate the modular capacity of the MicroLED. The Korean has announced that it plans to launch this technology in 2019, in the form of two screens of 146 and 73 inches with a thickness of 30 mm. The Wall had a thickness of 80 mm, so it seems that Samsung has continued to develop the technology.

Apart from this modular identity, the MicroLED is able to offer incredible levels of illumination, color ranges, and contrast. The technology is emitting light, so there is no need for backlighting or color filtering. In addition, it appears to have greater energy efficiency and durability. As it presents better latencies and does not have the dangers of OLED, it could be an excellent choice to create PC monitors in the future. In summary, Samsung came to say at CES 2018 that this technology is destined to become the visual standard of the industry. However, you have to be patient. You already know how this goes: the first come to the prohibitive screens for innovators, then the revised versions that the pioneers will go through and little by little they will be implanted .

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