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Rumor: Nvidia already has more than 1 million new generation GPUs

But first, you have to get rid of your Pascal existences.

In DigiTimes' latest report on the fluctuations of the graphics card market, industry sources indicate that Nvidia has already produced just over one million next-generation graphics cards that are waiting to travel to their future owners. If these rumors are true, the green company would be more than ready to start its next generation of graphics. After a variety of news about price drops, demand for cards, announcements that the launch of the new generation will be later than soon, now it seems that everything starts to make sense.

The DigiTimes report estimates that there are still, grosso modo, several million graphics cards to sell between distributors and stores. In addition, we recently learned that Nvidia was going to receive another 300,000 Pascal cards to relocate. On the other hand, we have that, according to the report, Nvidia has in its stores that new million cards whose identity is unknown, but which have never before been seen in public. And finally, we have the president of the company, Jensen Huang, who has had no problem in discouraging those of us who are waiting for this new generation saying that it would come " in a very long time " to, clearly, give rhythm to those millions of cards of the past generations.

The new generation is delayed because Nvidia wants to sell all the Pascal cards it can before the arrival of the GTX 11 generation. It is an extraordinary situation caused by the wild entry of the cryptocurrency miners in the market, clearly, because in previous occasions, at this point of the year we would have seen the new generation appear officially. Now we can only wait for that possible presentation of graphics in August, either during the Hot Chips 30 or during the Gamescom 2018. Another thing is the arrival to the market, which, taking everything into account, will take place at the end of the year (it would be rare that we would not even go to next year, at the rate at which we are going).

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