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Reggie Fils-Aimé: development of Metroid Prime 4 is on track

The new delivery was one of the big absentees of E3 2018

Nintendo fans certainly expected to see news of Metroid Prime 4 in E3 2018. However, the company decided to reserve all the details of the new delivery. This surely disappointed more than one player, but the truth is that Nintendo continues working on the development of the game.

During a recent game with Game Informer, Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, said that fans have no reason to worry because the development of Metroid Prime 4 is on track.

According to the manager, his current plan is to focus on the previously confirmed titles and those that were announced recently. From the perspective of Fils-Aimé, there are many important games that are coming to Switch, so their priority is to be a success.

In addition, Fils-Aimé said that last year they decided to send a message to all Metroid fans, first with the announcement and launch of Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS. Unfortunately, the manager did not give more details about Metroid Prime 4.

"This year, with so many games pitching between [now] and the first half of next year, we wanted to focus on those titles. Rest assured that Metroid Prime 4 is still in development and is progressing well, "confirmed Fils-Aimé.

Bill Trinen, marketing manager at Nintendo of America, said previously that we did not see Metroid Prime 4 at E3 2018 due to development issues. This does not imply that there are problems in its creation because they will show it as soon as it is ready.

The game was revealed during E3 2017 with a presentation that left more questions than answers. Nintendo explained why it decided to reveal Metroid Prime 4 so soon. Some reports indicate that Bandai Namco is in charge of its development.

Metroid Prime 4 does not yet have a confirmed launch window.


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