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Pokémon GO accumulates 1.8 billion dollars globally

Currently, it contributes 70 million dollars per month.Pokémon Games

"Does anyone keep playing Pokémon GO ?" It seems so, and not a few people. Enough to accumulate 70 million dollars in profits last June, according to the latest analysis of SensorTower. This makes the Niantic game the ninth most lucrative application in the world in the same month.

On a global scale, we are talking about 1.8 billion dollars since its premiere in 2016. 0.8 of which have come from January 2017, coinciding with the decline in popularity of the title. Illustratively, a full-price triple-A game should sell 30 million copies to reach similar figures.

The United States would be the country that spends more on Pokémon GO - understandable, on the other hand if we take into account the demographic magnitude of it - with 607 million dollars spent to date. They are followed by Japan (500 million), Germany (96 million), Great Britain (77 million) and Taiwan (48 million).

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