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New cities for GTA San Andreas thanks to a mod

A team of fans wants to move the cities of all Rockstar games to GTA San Andreas.GTA San Andreas

Zack Zwiezen from Kotaku has made an interesting article in which he collects the great effort of different fans to integrate through different city mods to GTA: San Andreas.

Throughout the years different amateur initiatives have been appearing that try to gather, in the same map, different locations of the games of the GTA franchise, although most of them have found problems on the part of Rockstar. Perhaps the best known was the case of OpenIV that tried to add Liberty City, from GTA IV to GTA V, but it is not the only one.

GTA Underground is possibly the most important project of its kind, as it plans to add the entire 3D Universe of Rockstar to a giant map that can be played at GTA San Andreas. A very ambitious idea that Rockstar himself studied in 2012 and which meant being able to travel from one city to another in each of his games.

The interesting article points out the challenges that these fans are facing in such a huge task. For example, when recreating areas that were not originally planned as parts of a map within these scenarios. The problems multiply when these fans try to even add elements of Bully, Canis Canem Edit, which are not designed to interact with the player in the same way that happens with Grand Theft Auto. It is a work plan that has also been growing in ambition, also increasing the challenges and complications that this team of fans must face. Initially, it was only intended to add Vice City and Liberty City to GTA San Andreas but now it intends to add the entire 3D universe of Rockstar.

GTA Underground is currently working on a beta version of this mod, and interested fans download a previous version and know all the updates about the project can follow the development of it from ModDB.

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