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Hollow Knight exceeds one million copies sold on PC

In Nintendo Switch the game has already achieved a demand of 250,000 units.Hollow Knight

A few days ago we echoed how Hollow Knight was selling exceptionally well in Switch, specifically 250,000 copies. Now its managers have announced that Metroidvania has managed to overcome the barrier of one million units sold on PC since its premiere over a year ago.

Hollow Knight takes users to an epic adventure through a vast kingdom of insects and heroes that is in ruins, full of tortuous caverns to explore and creatures corrupted to fight. Work of Team Cherry, the video game is still pending its release for PS4 on a date to be determined later this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Hollow Knight, do not hesitate to watch the live gameplay of Mario Gómez on the Gaming News 24 channel on Mixer.

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