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Fear the Wolves delays your early Steam access

It was initially scheduled for today July 18, but it will wait and prolong its closed beta.Fear the Wolves

The guys at Vostok Games are taking care of tweaking the development of Fear the Wolves and, in fact, so much so that today July 18 they planned to open the Advance Access of the game on Steam. Unfortunately, interested fans will have to wait.

"The positive response from the community has encouraged us to delay the launch of Early Access to ensure that it is well received and there are no technical problems that could damage the whole," said the authors in a press release. "In addition to correcting all these things, the delay will allow us to improve certain aspects of the program thanks to the amounts of data and feedback we have received during the test."

The beta of Fear the Wolves, which opened its registry at the end of June of this year, has allowed taking good note to those responsible for many elements to modify and/or improve in the face of the premiere of the game in the Advance Steam Access. "We already anticipate that the extra development time will help raise the quality of Fear the Wolves to a level that allows players to fully enjoy their unique atmosphere."

Fear the Wolves is still scheduled to launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 at a time yet to be determined in 2019.

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