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EA Motive works on another project without announcing

It develops along with the Star Wars of Visceral.EA Motive

Speaking with Game Informer, Canadian director and producer Jade Raymond have confirmed that EA Motive is working on another project that was not known, born of "three very passionate people who worked on it in their spare time" and who received the green light to work on it as a formal project.

Taking into consideration the persistence and persuasion of these people, "we found a way to give them space and some people to carry it out because it was exciting" explains Raymond. "Now, it 's a fully formed project, so we could give it a place in Motive, I think it's one of the strengths of having a smaller studio."

With this project, EA Motive has worked for a while. In an indicative way, we remember that Motive has two studios: one in Vancouver, that works in shaping the Star Wars previously belonging to Visceral, and also in a new game of Plants against Zombies. The study we are talking about is in Montreal, where in addition to helping the Star Wars team, a new IP of action and adventures is baked ... and this mysterious project.

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