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Dell presents the G Series, its new line of portable gaming

They come as an alternative to the Alienware range, much more expensive.Dell G Series

Dell has introduced its line of notebooks G Series, with which rules out the line Gaming Series of Inspiron, adopting a new look and nomenclature to provide computers to play more modest than those of the range Alienware, considerably more expensive. What is the password? While Alienware computers have both an interior pointer and a quality exterior, the laptops of this new line, despite having a decent interior and colorful designs, are built in plastic and lack more solid materials. In short, it is a line of laptops to play that discards premium status.

The G Series consists of three teams, the G3, the G5 and the G7. As is logical, the numbers represent the level of performance that they will give us. They can come configured with processors of the eighth generation of Intel, and even the recently released ninth in the case of the G5 and G7. The G3 can be equipped with screens of 15 or 17 inches, while the other two only come in the mode of 15. With regard to the graphics equipment, it is possible to mount from a GTX 1050 to a 1060 Max-Q. It would have been great to see a 1070 or 1080 in the list, of course, but we understand that those options are reserved for the Alienware range. Finally, the panels that come mounted by default are 1080p, but if we miss pixels, we can opt for a panel IPS to 4K in the G5 and G7 models.

For the casings they have, the price at which they go on sale is not negligible, with the G3, G5, and G7 at 749, 949 and 1099 dollars, respectively. We read in The Verge, however, that Dell can afford this price range by cutting construction quality, which is a "flimsy plastic" that provides a user experience not as pleasant as that offered by other lines of home notebooks North American. Apparently, in the future will be available more options to configure the two teams of greater range to the taste of the consumer starting from a price of 849 dollars.

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