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A new Dragon Quest XI gameplay lets you see a boss battle

The expected videogame comes on September 4 to PC and PS4.

The western version of Dragon Quest XI is already very close to reaching stores, but if you can not wait to see more material, you will be happy to know that Square Enix has shared a new gameplay commented from the Los Angeles offices where we can see a fight against a squid-shaped boss named Tentacular.

The video, explained by Hikari Kubota (production assistant) and Yuji Horii (director and creator of the series) is also a good opportunity to appreciate the English dubbing, a feature that debuts in the versions for North America and Europe.

For now, Dragon Quest XI has its release set on September 4 on PC and PS4. There is also a version for Nintendo Switch on the way, although the latter does not have an exit date set today. Just yesterday we learned that Square Enix wants to accelerate the process of locating Dragon Quest for the future.

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