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7 cyberpunk games for the future and you have to follow

best cyberpunk games

With Cyberpunk 2077 at the helm, we wonder if this setting will be the new fashion in the years to come. There are few video games that have used it throughout history, but those that come in the next few years are not going to lag behind. We show you some of the examples of cyberpunk style games that are to come.

For decades, the cyberpunk setting has been perfect for many developers who wanted to get attention with their game. Thus, games like Deus Ex, Syndicate, The Red Strings Club, Shadowrun or Remember Me have offered us their particular concepts of these futures that mix advanced technologies with a future full of poverty and inequality.

The truth is that, although we have a very particular idea of what this genre means, we have it more associated with a futuristic world, where implants and differences between social classes prevail. Although it is the most common meaning, cyberpunk can cover any type of future dominated by both cybernetic implants and hackers and artificial intelligence in dystopias dominated mostly by megacorporations.

Within these patterns, what video games await us on the horizon? We show you some of the most promising ones that are about to leave soon.

Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt RED (PC, PS4, XOne - To be determined)

One of the most anticipated games and pillar of this report. Cyberpunk 2077 is the new work of CD Projekt RED, creators of The Witcher saga, which was finally presented at the E3 of 2018 and we could take a look behind closed doors. The game promises to crown the cyberpunk genre with a giant and very vertical city that we explore freely while we seek to ascend in its dangerous hierarchy.

best cyberpunk games

Based on the role-playing table game of the same name, we are V, a bounty hunter who will have to improve himself on implants to make a name for himself in Night City. What has been seen so far denotes a large number of possibilities when it comes to fulfilling missions that range from the purest action, stealth and even the hacking of devices to advance. The possibilities seem almost endless, both because of the conversations that influence the course of our mission, and in the development of the combat itself, in which we have seen everything: breaking walls, bullets that spin, cybernetic spider legs They grab the walls and inhalers to enhance reflexes. As for the missions themselves, they promise to be equal or even more careful than what The Witcher III: Wild Hunt demonstrated at the time.

Why should you pay attention?

From the creators of The Witcher saga ..
An immense, detailed cyberpunk world full of possibilities.
Very worked missions and multiple ways to solve them.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Square-Enix (PS4 - To be determined)

Although it may seem strange at first, the setting of Final Fantasy VII is very inspired by the subgenre of cyberpunk, especially its first part that takes place in the industrial city of Midgar commanded by the megacorporation Shinra and where progress thanks to the Mako energy and the poverty of certain sectors of the city generate a total conflict ..

best cyberpunk games

Although after leaving Midgar the game is mixing this setting with something more traditional fantasy, the impact of Midgar's progress in all Gaia is evident in all our travels, and we are looking forward to seeing this setting recreated in detail in that long-awaited Final Fantasy remake VII that seems never to arrive. After leaving it at first to Cyberconnect 2, it seems that Square-Enix itself has taken the reins of production. Now it only remains to arm ourselves with patience until we can enjoy it.

Why should you pay attention?

The remake of one of the most relevant games in history.
He promises to expand the original story through his characters and new situations.
The first trailers revealed an action-oriented combat, but once the development begins again this may have changed.

Orphan Age
Studio Black Flag (PC - End of 2018)

In cyberpunk futuristic adventures, our protagonist is usually a powerful character who uses technology, his hacker skills or implants that help him fight those who pretend to dominate the city. But what would happen if instead of controlling the typical hero of the adventure we would do the same with those most affected by these extreme conditions in which many of the citizens of these dystopian cities live?

best cyberpunk games

That is the proposal of Orphan Age, in which we embody a handful of children survivors of the many future wars, in a game focused exclusively on the search of resources to reach the end of the day and better our situation while avoiding the abundant dangers of this civilization. Born of a Kickstarter, Orphan Age draws attention for its ambiance but also for reminding us of another great work like This War of Mine, set this time in a futuristic world, in which to look for resources and materials to survive.

Why should you pay attention?

An original mix between The Sims and This War of Mine, in a cyberpunk environment.
Search for resources and materials to survive in a hostile environment.
He promises to be tough in his mechanics and message.

Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story
Suzaku (PC, PS4, Switch, Vita - 2019)

Another game born from a success of Kickstarter, which makes use of this set in a much more traditional way, which leads us to discover the decadent city of Neo Hong Kong putting us in the shoes of Mei. The title of the game says it all, it is a cyberpunk ghost story, which is a curious and original mix because it bases its approach on an adventure with dyes of terror inspired by the beginnings of the Clock Tower saga.

best cyberpunk games

In Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, we must investigate and discover the truth behind the story of 14 lost souls that roam the city, as well as shed some light on the mystery that surrounds our family. A return to the origins of the genre with a very careful artistic style.

Why should you pay attention?

An atmosphere that fuses the cyberpunk genre with a ghost story.
Mix adventure, action and the most classic terror of Clock Tower.
Good start on Kickstarter: $ 10,000 target, achieved more than 60,000.

System Shock 3
Otherside Entertainment (PC - To be determined)

System Shock has always shown that these types of environments can be taken anywhere, even in space. So did the first delivery, transporting the action to the Citadel space station, where we had to prevent, thanks to our hacker skills, that SHODAN artificial intelligence maintains total control of the station. And if in the process were added dyes of terror with the inclusion of mutants, cyborgs, and robots, you had the perfect cocktail.

best cyberpunk games

The third installment of the series has its development with the same team that created the original game (also creators of Thief and Deus Ex) with Warren Spector leading the project. However, the other details remain a mystery, since Otherside Entertainment has been submerged in Underworld Ascendant, so there is still a long time before we see System Shock 3. The System Shock saga, however, will be very relevant in the coming years, not only will its third installment arrive, but the remake of the original game will recreate the Citadel station in detail and, after a few missteps for being too ambitious, will focus on rescuing the essence of the original classic.

Why should you pay attention?

Rescue after many years a saga of worship.
From the original creators of System Shock
There will be a remake of the first game, perfect to catch up with the saga.

Tales of the Neon Sea
Palm Pioneer (PC - 2018)

The graphics adventures have always been a perfect place to portray a cyberpunk setting, as they have noted throughout history games like Beneath to Steel Sky, Dreamweb, Innocent Until Caught and more recently Gemini Rue or Red Strings Club. In Tales of the Neon Sea that love for the pixel is recovered in the role of a detective who will have to solve a crime, mixing this setting with the Noir.

best cyberpunk games

The trailer available to date suggests a care setting in a horizontal approach that will help us explore even the darkest corners of this "sea of neon", a city in the middle of a hodgepodge of Asian and Western influences that hides in its lowest funds a mystery to solve.

Why should you pay attention?

Attractive pixelated visual appearance.
Cross between cyberpunk and noir.
Graphic adventure of traditional court.

The Last Night
Odd Tales (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch - To be determined)

The story of The Last Night is very curious since the game was presented first as a project for a Jam that won thanks to its careful setting and a magnificent pixel art. The small demonstration, which collected clear elements of Flashback and Blade Runner was made available to anyone who wanted to give it a try and the truth is that it generated enough noise to be a work so minority.

best cyberpunk games

However, it was not until E3 of 2017 that we saw his return at the Microsoft conference, where he captivated all the viewers. The project was rescued to turn it into a complete video game, with an even more careful pixel art that added layers of depth and large doses of action. Unfortunately, we have not heard from him since then, given his absence in the E3 edition this year, so we expect the project to advance at a good pace and soon we can enjoy it.

Why should you pay attention?

Very striking visual section.
Excellent atmosphere that mixes Blade Runner with the premise of the classic video game Flashback.
Born from a Jam, turned into a complete game.

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