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Xbox conference at E3 2018 will have 15 world premieres

Phil Spencer turns on the hype on TwitterPhil Spencer

There is very little time left for Microsoft's presentation to start at E3 2018. Do you want to turn on the hype train? Well, get ready, since Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, revealed that during the conference they will have "15 world premieres".

On Twitter, Spencer announced that they had just finished their last test before showing up at E3 2018. But the best of the message came at the end. "Excited by the world premiere of 15 games for tomorrow and much, much more," he said.
Now, before deluding yourself, we must warn you something. These 15 world premieres are not necessarily exclusive titles for Xbox One. As we have seen in previous years, the company makes alliances with the studios to show the next releases in its conference, and many of these are multiplatform. As an example, last year we got to know Assassin's Creed Orings, Metro: Exodus and Dragon Ball FighterZ from Microsoft, although they were also developed for PS4 and PC.

Also, the label "world premiere" could refer to game modes or characteristics of titles that we already know. As an example, at the Microsoft conference, we will have the first look at the Battlefield V campaign. Anything could happen. 

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