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Will launch the Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer separately

The single player will debut in 2019 and the multiplayer until 2020Halo Infinite campaign

Halo Infinite was revealed at E3 2018, however, doubts among the fans continue. In the absence of official information, new rumors begin to emerge suggesting that the game will come in 2 parts: the campaign in 2019 and the multiplayer in 2020.

We currently know that Halo Infinite is an FPS that will be the direct continuation of Halo 5: Guardians and that the trailer that we saw in E3 is a technical demo to show the power of the new slipspace engine. However, there are clear messages in the video, such as the new direction of art and the possibility that the game will be developed in Installation 07. However, this has only generated more doubts among the fans, who are desperately looking for answers.

Before the official announcement, Brad Sams leaked Halo Infinite (previously known as Halo Infinity ). Now, the editor of came back with more leaks, this time to suggest that the Halo Infinite campaign will arrive in 2019 and that it will be until 2020 when we get to know the multiplayer. He pointed out that the reason for dividing the game's release is due to the SlipSpace engine.

"I was a bit skeptical with this information until I saw that they were building a completely new engine for the platform," he said. "Knowing this, the stepped launch makes much more sense, since it is easier to build a single player game than a multiplayer shooter, so the single player arrives, they look for potential problems and then release the multiplayer portion in the game "

Although Sams leaked Halo Infinite and what it says seems logical, since Microsoft has great ambitions with the multiplayer of the game, it is best to take all this information as a simple rumor. The truth is that Halo Infinite is still under the development of 343 Industries, will focus on Master Chief again and we will see a new direction of art that pays tribute to the original trilogy. So far, the game has no release date. Although it was announced for Xbox One and PC, the same Sams assumes that it will be a launch title for Scarlett, the next Microsoft console.

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