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This is what you can do in the Fallout multiplayer 76

The new game of the series will debut on November 14 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

In spite of generating opinions divided by being an experience that requires a permanent Internet connection and its design-inclined towards the multiplayer, the expectation for Fallout 76 is high and the development team has been able to clear the doubts by offering information on a constant basis. On this occasion, Bethesda presented one of the videos whose first advance we saw in E3 2018, which accounts for the multiplayer experience in the hostile environment of West Virginia.

When new details of Fallout 76 were presented a few weeks ago, the information was so great that we barely had time to assimilate what was most important. However, Bethesda did not let that content remain in the past and today he presented a new video focused on the multiplayer of the game. As you will remember, West Virginia is a huge stage and the magnitude is the same in terms of the hostility of the enemies and the dangers that you will encounter in your path. That is why the game is designed to offer an experience in which players can unite and meet different objectives. The Fallout 76 video shows the various activities that we can perform in the company of other players, how to face powerful creatures, explore all areas of the map, fight against other teams of players, set up a camp and do some recreational activities.

Fallout 76 will arrive on November 14 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC


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