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The new social options of Overwatch are available

Recommendations and Searching Group seek to improve the user experienceoptions of Overwatch

As announced earlier this month, Blizzard implemented a couple of enhancements today to improve the community experience in Overwatch by looking for players to find related groups and the players' performance to be recognized.

Today, the Overwatch development teamThe Social Recommendations and Searching Group options are now available for all players, who can now search for partners with certain characteristics and also recognize the good behavior and performance of the users. As we mentioned earlier, the Recommendations section will allow a score to be awarded in 3 specific areas: good sportsmanship, good teammate, and decision-maker. On the other hand, in Searching Group it will be possible to determine the characteristics that users look for in other players to form a team; in that sense, the option works as a recommendation and can be seen by users, who can join a team that requires a player with defined characteristics.
Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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