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The end of an era: Canon stops selling reel cameras

After 89 years of history of film cameras of the manufacturer.

Canon's latest reel camera, its EOS-1v model, has been recalled. Now the Japanese company will only offer digital cameras.

The camera was on sale since 2000 and now the company announced in a statement that the product will no longer be available in stores. He also added that people who already have it will have until October 31, 2025, to repair it in the official technical service. 

On the other hand, the EOS-1V has not been manufactured since 2010, but Canon still sold the units it had in the inventory, which means that the demand for the product was negligible. 

Canon entered the photographic industry in 1937, and many of its components, like the lenses - supplied by what would later be called Nikon -, were third-party. Since then, Canon has offered at least one reel camera model and many of them have been the absolute reference of the sector.

However, like other manufacturers, Canon has had to migrate to digital to adapt to the market. in digital migration.

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