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Take-Two compares its forms of work with those of Ubisoft and EA

Strauss Zelnick highlighted the success of his company and criticized what EA does with FrostbiteTake-Two

Although sometimes the video game industry is considered as a homogeneous sector, the differences between companies show the perspectives with which they create and distribute the titles we enjoy. Recently, Take-Two Interactive, one of the most important companies in the industry, spoke about its policies compared to those of other large companies such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

In an interview for VentureBeat, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, was questioned about the success of the company and the differences it has in terms of its organizational model and the decisions it makes regarding other companies. In that sense, Zelnick referred to the studies they currently have and the offices they have placed in different parts of the world, with a model similar to Ubisoft: "We have a great internal communication system. in different places, we are a global business, but we are not really that big, we have 4200 workers and 17 studios, it's not so big, they [Ubisoft] have 14,000 workers and their income is lower than ours, I do not understand why "

Later, the manager of Take-Two said that the company motivates their studies to do things that they love and provide them with the necessary resources to achieve their goals without interfering in the creative processes or imposing some kind of idea. In this regard, Zelnick said: "I'm not a video game creator and I do not pretend to be, I work with the best and the brightest and I try to find a way to attract and retain them, encourage them and reward them to be part of our system."

Finally, the CEO of Take-Two referred to the way in which the company deals with the technological developments and the creative tools with which its studies count compared to what EA does and the use of its Frostbite graphics engine: " look at our quality compared to theirs [EA]. I do not think it's realistic to tell people that they are the best creatives in the business and that they can do their best work there, but in the process they can only use technology that they We are concerned with technology and we are aware of what we spend in its development, Rockstar has a patented engine, within the 2K line there are patented engines and we also license external software ".

What do you think about Strauss Zelnick's criticism of EA's technology use policy?

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