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Survey reveals the average spending of Fortnite players : Battle Royale

PS4 and Xbox One are the users' favorite platforms

Since last year, the Battle Royale component of Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting the attention of different sectors towards video games and content consumption practices. Taking advantage of the fact that the game maintains its popularity, the financial analysis platform LendEDU conducted a survey to find out about the average spending of Fortnite players and their gaming habits and consumption of content in the Battle Royale of Epic Games.

The LendEDU survey, conducted on a sample of 1000 Fortnite players: Battle Royale, found interesting data regarding the average expenditure to acquire content in the game. Initially, the exercise showed that 68.8% of respondents said they have spent money on the game of Epic and of these, 36.78% revealed that it is the first video game in which they have been encouraged to spend money to acquire content. Now, in terms of average spending, the LendEDU exercise found that this is $ 84.67 USD per player and of that amount 58.9% is spent to acquire skins, 18.06% for gliders, 13.52% for beaks and 9.52% to acquire dances of celebration.

Fortnite players Battle Royale

Regarding the sample of 1000 Fortnite players, the survey revealed that 33.6% of the players said they went to school, 26.5% said they do not attend classes, 31.4% said they have a full-time job and 8.5% said they do not they have work. In relation to these answers, more than half of the Fortnite players who attend the school assured that they have not missed classes because of the game, while the majority of the players who work responded that they have not missed their work. cause of the Battle Royale.

Fortnite players Battle Royale
Fortnite players Battle Royale

Finally, the survey showed that 32.5% of the players dedicate 6 to 10 hours a week to playing Fortnite and in a matter of the players' favorite platforms the results were:

42.2% - PlayStation 4
35.2% - Xbox One
13.9% - PC
8.7% Mobile

What do you think about the average spending of Fortnite players? Is the percentage of preference for PS4 enough for Sony to refuse cross-play with other platforms?

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