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Rey Mysterio is one of WWE's pre-sale incentives 2K19

Those who set aside the game will receive another additional character

Are you a fan of wrestling? Then as of today, you have one more reason to pre-order WWE 2K19. We say this because 2K Games confirmed that Rey Mysterio will be part of this new delivery of wrestling games. In addition, to achieve it you will only have to preorder the game.

Keep in mind that Rey Mysterio will be a pre-sale incentive for all available editions of WWE 2K19. So, you will get it no matter if you are going to buy your collection edition or its normal version. In all of them, the fighter will have the outfit with which he appeared in the last Royal Rumble.

"Since my debut in 2002, 'Never Say Never' [ WWE 2K19 slogan ] has been an important part of my career," said Mysterio. "It's an honor to join wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Sting, Ultimate Warrior and Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the pre-sale fighters."
The arrival of Rey Mysterio to WWE 2K19 is no small thing for his fans. After all the Mexican-American fighter was absent from the franchise for 4 years. That said, now with his surprise reappearance in the WWE as part of the 2018 Royal Rumble, it makes sense that he'll be part of the game again.

It is important to note that Rey Mysterio will not be the only character that will be a pre-sale incentive for WWE 2K19. In fact, 2K Games ensures that there will be a second additional fighter that will be revealed sometime in the coming weeks.

And you, will you pre-order WWE 2K19 to get Rey Mysterio and other characters? Tell us in the comments.

WWE 2K19 will arrive on October 5 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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