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Nomura: Final Fantasy VII Remake left the conceptual stage of development

The creative and his team work hard in the creation of the gameFinal Fantasy VII Remake

One of the great absentees of E3 2018 was definitely Final Fantasy VII Remake. The fans of the original RPG hoped to see one more advance of the new version of the classic; however, neither Square Enix gave us an update during its presentation for the event.

Given this, it is normal to worry about the development of the game. The good news is that everything is going well according to Tetsuya Nomura, director of the expected project. According to the creative, Final Fantasy VII Remake has already left the conceptual stage of development.

This implies that its full development has already started, so it is a matter of time to see a new breakthrough and know how Square Enix's work progresses. During an interview with IGN, Nomura said that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in development in parallel with Kingdom Hearts III.

The creative commented that he tries hard in the return of Cloud and company when he is not working in the new adventure of Sora. "We're really developing, so at this moment, I've been putting 100% in Kingdom Hearts, 100% in Final Fantasy VII and 100% in Kingdom Hearts and coming and going," said the creative.

"I do not get tired of that at all, it's really fun for me, I do not really like human relationships more than work, so I just want to focus on work and create things if I do not have to deal with human relationships. In fact, it's a little easier for me than not working, "explained the Japanese creative.

Finally, Nomura assured that the fans always motivate him to continue so he will continue giving his all to make Final Fantasy VII Remake a reality and meet the expectations of the players.

In recent news, we know that Nobuo Uematsu is working on the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII Remake. On the other hand, we saw a new image of the title that apparently shows one of his bosses and we knew clues of his possible arrival on Xbox One.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently confirmed for PlayStation 4. 


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