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Monument Valley 2 got millionaire income in its debut year

The game adds more than 3.4 million copies soldMonument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 came in the middle of last year and being the sequel to one of the best mobile titles helped it become a success quickly. So much so that it already generated millions in revenue for its developers.

ustwo, the studio responsible for the development of Monument Valley 2, shared an infographic (via Gamasutra ) in which he revealed several details about the performance of his game in the market. There he mentioned that Monument Valley 2 adds revenues amounting to $ 10,400,633 USD.

According to the study, the developer of Monument Valley 2 cost $ 2.26 MDD and had a marketing campaign of $ 526,000 USD. In other words, the project was profitable so it would not be surprising if you are already working on another.

In the same infographic, ustwo revealed that iOS is the platform where the most sold Monument Valley 2 with 2,075,219 downloads. This contrasts with the number of sales on Google Play, where he only shipped 229,225 copies. An interesting point is that 3,495,056 copies of Monument Valley 2 have been sold, which have been installed in 30,080,000 devices.

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Monument Valley 2 is available for iOS and Android devices.

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