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Microsoft could acquire Playground Games, studio of Forza Horizon

So far, the British studio operates independently

Playground Games is a studio that, although it has taken over the development of the 3 installments of Forza Horizon, operates independently from Microsoft. However, it seems that the company responsible for Xbox wants to change this since it could be about to acquire the British developer.

According to information in a document that was published in the United Kingdom Commercial Registry (via WCCFTech ), Keith Ranger Dolliger was appointed as a new director of Playground Games. This is interesting since Dollinger serves as vice president and general consultant for Microsoft's corporate and business development division. In fact, he was appointed the director of companies such as LinkedIn, Rare, Skype, Lionhead and Groove Network shortly before Microsoft acquired them.

That's not all since the document states that the address of Dollinger is the same as that of the Microsoft offices in Redmond, Washington. This confirms that the new director of Playground Games is the employee of Microsoft and not someone with the same name.

So, all the above points to Microsoft is interested in acquiring Playground Games and even that the negotiations are already at an advanced stage. That said, so far nothing has been confirmed and Microsoft has kept silent about this situation. So, we recommend that you do not give it as an official until there is information that confirms it.

The possibility that Microsoft acquires Playground Games is not far-fetched; In fact, it is something that seems viable. We say this because they have a wide relationship since the beginning of the decade and it would be a good way in which Microsoft could count on the talent necessary to launch more exclusives.

We take advantage of the fact that we talk about Playground Games to tell you that you are working in an open-world game that has nothing to do with motorsport. Interestingly, there are rumors that indicate that it could be the next Fable, will it?

And you, do you think Microsoft should buy Playground Games? What kind of project would you like to work on? Tell us in the comments.

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