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Kamiya: video games are not just mass-produced products

The developer talked about what it means to create and take risks with a title

Hideki Kamiya, one of the most recognized creators in the industry, spoke recently about the process of creating games and his vision regarding the value of this type of entertainment.

During a meeting with GamesIndustry (via Wcctech ), Kamiya said that video games are not mere mass-produced products by a group of people. From his position, there is a relationship between the titles and their creators, which gives them an important value.

The developer believes that video games involve a great effort on the part of a team for its realization. In addition, he believes that the process of creation is not determined by strict rules, it depends on the creators.

"My perspective is that the games themselves ... are not just mass-produced things (...) It's not that you only have the pieces and a plane, then you assemble them like a car. I do not want the games to be that way. I want the titles to be based on the individuality of each person so that players can feel the creativity that comes from the person who runs it, "said Kamiya.

The developer accepted that there is some risk in accepting this approach to creation, especially when trying to do something never seen. "Obviously, that has a cost: there is a risk (...) Everything you try that has never been done before can totally explode in your face," added the creative. Despite his statements, Kamiya said on Twitter that he never tried to say that games are art.

Kamiya has great popularity thanks to his work in series such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101. In all of them you can notice a bit of his personal stamp, hence the creator thinks that video games should be more than mass productions.

Currently, the developer works on Bayonetta 3, a title that will come exclusively to Nintendo Switch. According to him, the new delivery will outperform his predecessors in various ways. 

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