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Jack Tretton's support program will boost projects created in Unreal Engine 4

Interactive Gaming Ventures will support 21 projects in a span of 7 years

Just as the scene of the big companies and AAA titles has a structure that makes it work, the independent scene has also defined its forms of work but as far as this is concerned, it is necessary to have constant support to give certainty to the developers. Last March, Jack Tretton, a former PlayStation executive, announced he would join Interactive Gaming Ventures as a partner to support the indie creators and more information was recently revealed.

According to a report by, Interactive Gaming Ventures' indies support program, headed by Jack Tretton, will help drive titles created in the Epic graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4. As we informed you previously, the program seeks to support 21 projects of independent games in a span of 7 years, this means that each year 2 or 3 studies will benefit from the fund, which may grant support for $ 1 or $ 5 MDD according to the needs of the developers.

At the same time, the report indicates that the support program led by Jack Tretton will not only support independent developers with issues related to marketing, publication, and distribution, it will also ensure that creatives have full control, including the legal, your IP. In this way, the Tretton and IGV program begins to take shape and it only remains to wait to meet the first studios or independent developers that will benefit in the first year.


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