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Ikaruga is now available on PS4!

The shoot 'em up of Treasure remains in force after 17 years in the marketIkaruga is now available

Are you a fan of the shoot 'em up and have a PS4? If the answer is positive there is excellent news for you because you can already enjoy, or maybe suffer, thanks to the launch of Ikaruga for the Sony console, the vertical shooter developed by Treasure that is already available in the PS Store.

After Ikaruga's recent debut on Switch and confirming that a version was on its way to PS4, Treasure kept his word and today fans of the shoot 'em up woke up with the good news that the game can now be purchased at PS Store. From today, players can test their skill in one of the best shoot 'em up in history in exchange for $ 9.99 USD, lower price than expected after its publication in Switch, where it costs $ 14.99 USD. In addition, the vertical shooter has support for PS4 Pro, so if you are the owner of the console you can enjoy it with a greater level of detail.

The Ikaruga version for PS4 includes all the options of recent deliveries, such as the possibility of changing the perspective to that of a horizontal shooter, the Prototype mode that presents some changes in the game experience and the online Rankings system, where we can meet the best players and try to break their records.

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