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Google will guide the development of military AI with ethical principles

The company says the guidelines will include a ban on the development of AI weapons.

Google announced that it is preparing a set of guidelines that will guide its participation in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for the military, according to a report by The New York Times.

The company says that within the guidelines is to include a ban on the use of artificial intelligence in armament. However, the other principles were not announced by Google and are expected to be available in full in the coming weeks. 

The guidelines that Google stipulated are a response to the controversy that generated its decision to develop artificial intelligence tools for the Pentagon, which analyze drone surveillance images. 

News of the Pentagon contract was made public for the first time in March, and thousands of Google employees signed a petition for the company to abandon that project. 

Google had not ruled until then that it assured that the use of its technology in the Pentagon simply "points out images for human revision" and is for "non-offensive uses only". The contract is also small according to industry standards, with a value of 9 million dollars for the company, according to the Times. 

However, many prominent Google researchers have already spoken out against the use of AI weapons. Jeff Dean, a leader of AI at Google, said this month that he had signed a letter in 2015 opposing the development of autonomous weapons. 

Senior executives from DeepMind, the London-based subsidiary of AI, signed a similar petition and sent it to the United Nations last year.

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