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Fortnite for Switch appears in Korea's ranking system

The game could be announced at E3 2018

There are very few days until E3 2018 and, as usual, some of the ads begin to filter. This time, there seems to be a good chance that Nintendo will announce Fortnite for Switch.

The information comes from the Korean video game classification site (thank you, Nibel ). As we can see, Fortnite appears listed for Nintendo Switch, which means that the game could be revealed during E3 2018. To make matters worse, Eurogamer mentioned that it has sources that ensure that the data is legitimate.

As we have previously indicated, the agencies in charge of granting ratings to video games are more reliable than online stores, since it is necessary for a group of people to see the game first hand before placing it in their system. In a few words, Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is almost a fact.

In April of this year, a rumor arose that signaled the arrival of Fortnite to Nintendo Switch, same that would be announced in E3 2018. According to an informant, the game will have exclusive content inspired by the Nintendo IP, cross-play, local multiplayer and plus. However, USgamer said it had information to disprove the rumor since Epic Games was far from developing a port for the hybrid console. Today, things seem very different.

The truth is that Fortnite is a sensation and has managed to reach the top as the Battle Royale most beloved by the players. It would be logical that the game was available on Nintendo Switch since it is currently on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices. We will have to wait a little longer to obtain official information.

Nintendo will make its classic video presentation at E3 2018 on Tuesday, June 12, at 11:00 AM in Mexico City, 1:00 PM from Santiago, Chile. For now, the only confirmed game that will appear on the show is Super Smash Bros. for Switch.

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