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Fortnite: Battle Royale receives combats between teams of 20 players

The recent update of the title includes a new type of bombFortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games prepared a new update for Fortnite: Battle Royale. On this occasion, the company released some news for the title and made various adjustments to improve the game experience more and more.

If you want a somewhat different experience of Battle Royale mode, you should know that the final combat option is already available. Thanks to it you can play games between teams of 20 players.

"Survive the countdown!" The storm circles give players more space to hunt enemies, the final circle triggers a countdown, when the time runs out, the team with the most players wins. " wrote Epic.

On the other hand, the company enabled the stinky pumps, which will put in serious problems all your rivals who come in contact with it. The bomb will create a toxic cloud that will cause 5 damage every half second.

The effect of the pump lasts a total of 9 seconds. This object is of epic rarity and you can find it in chests, booties and vending machines. On the other hand, a new cosmetic item was added to the store. Now the enemy structures will not be visible with the thermal sight and various errors related to the incorporation of Discord were eliminated.

Survive the countdown

The company wants Nintendo Switch users to be satisfied with the game's performance, so they eliminated various errors that sometimes caused the title to close. Finally, the transmission level related to lag errors during a freefall in the console was optimized.

Epic Games recently committed to eliminating a controversial symbol that was accidentally generated in the game. With this, it seeks to avoid any type of annoyance on the part of the community of the title, which already amounts to more than 125 million players.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.

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