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Check out the designs of the Nintendo Labo creative contest

Nintendo wants users to show their ideas to everyone

Despite being a product designed for a very specific niche, Nintendo Labo is causing a furor among its users and the creative contest that Nintendo started on April 20 is realizing how they shaped their ideas and gave them life using the material and the software of the product.

As part of the promotional campaign of Nintendo Labo, the Japanese company released a new video with the most outstanding designs of the Creators Contest, which started on April 20 with 3 categories, 2 of which already threw their first winners. The creative contest of Nintendo Labo put to work the imagination of the users, who in different categories could show original designs that could include a simple decoration of a figure made with cardboard until a design that included the use of the Toy-Con Garage function. In case you did not know, the Toy-Con Garage function allows you to program the patterns of order, movement, and response of the figures created from Switch, with the aim of the user inventing new ways of playing.

Currently, only one category that is based on inventions that use Toy-Con Garage but with the restriction that you can not use the material that includes Nintendo Labo, allowing users to use all sorts of inputs to create figures that can later be used. program using the Switch function. Those who are interested in showing the world and Nintendo their creation will have until June 15 to do so.

How do you like the designs of Nintendo Labo users?

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