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Blizzard wants to patent the Overwatch Game Play system

The application is still not evaluated by the patent officeBlizzard wants to patent the Overwatch

According to documents that came to light recently, Blizzard Entertainment intends to patent the way the Overwatch Game Play feature works .

The information began to circulate this week, since the United States Patent and Trademark Office released a document where we can see that Blizzard submitted an application for the patent on September 9, 2016. In 2017, an update was submitted and it was June 14 of this year that was revealed to the public, once they finished the 18 months of the confidential process.

Blizzard explained that they are not interested in patenting the concept of Game Play, rather they want to make sure that the algorithm that collects the information of this feature belongs to them. In short, other games could implement this function with their own programming, but if they want to occupy the Blizzard system, they would have to pay for the rights of use.

The application continues without reaching the hands of the United States Patent and Trademark Office for analysis. Taking into account that almost 2 years have passed, it is possible that the process takes a little longer until there is an answer on this matter.

For those who are not related to the concept, the Game Play is a feature that shows the most surprising moment of the fight at the end of each game. Some examples can be to throw the maximum ability of a hero or carry out the elimination of multiple enemies in certain time.

In some occasions this function fails, since it shows basic actions of the players instead of the most glorious moments. However, Blizzard has worked to improve this feature since the launch of Overwatch . Jeff Kaplan, director of the title, said they want to include a new version that shows cooperative strategies and is easier to share on social networks.


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