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Black Desert Online will have support for Xbox One X

Pearl Abyss looks for the MMORPG to run at 2160p and 30 fps on the console

Black Desert Online does not yet have a release date to get to Xbox One. However, Pearl Abyss said he continues working to make the MMORPG a success in the Microsoft console.

The study said the title will have support for Xbox One X and shared some technical details. Pearl Abyss is looking for the game to run at 1080p and 30 fps on Xbox One, while its performance on Xbox One X could be 2160p and 30 fps.

Currently, developers are working on additional optimizations, especially so that there are no falls in the rate of frames per second in areas with many players or non-playable characters.

"Getting the Black Desert engine to work on Xbox One has been relatively easy. We have a lot of experience with the DX11 architecture and fortunately, Xbox One uses it. Of course, making it work is just part of our job and the rest of the time is making sure it works well, "said the study in the game forums.

Members of Pearl Abyss said they had to overcome some challenges, especially related to the size of the map, which is considered only 1 zone. The team does everything possible to meet its goals in terms of performance.

"Our objectives are easily achieved in the open field, but in areas of large population, we have had some difficulties managing these numbers (mainly large and populated cities). We are still working on optimizing the game so that we can offer a better gaming experience for our users, "the study added.

Black Desert Online could debut on Xbox One sometime in the spring. It is expected that at E3 2018 we will finally know its release date for the console. At the moment, the MMORPG is only available on PC.


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