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Anthem will have a great level of replayability

Ben Scott said they will involve users to create new experiencesAnthem

After E3 2018 revealed more information about Anthem, some users want to know what will happen to the game once it is completed, especially due to the type of experience it offers with a permanent connection and a multiplayer environment. In that sense, players have nothing to worry about as Ben Scott revealed that the BioWare game will have a high level of replayability.

During a question and answer session on reddit, Ben Scott, chief designer of the Strongholds of Anthem spoke about the replay of the title once it is completed. Initially, the creator referred to the Strongholds and confirmed that they will be similar to the traditional dungeons we see in any game, but he assured that there will also be other environments that will have to be addressed with another type of strategy. Also, Scott revealed that Anthem will have different levels of difficulty and these will influence the type of reward that players will get.

On the other hand, the creative talked about the replay of Anthem and said that BioWare is one of the most important elements of the game and will even be vital after the launch. In this regard, Scott informed that they will include the community in the creation process thanks to an open and constant communication that privileges the feedback. At the same time, the head of design of the dungeons assured that everything the player will find in the title after finishing the main story will offer a varied experience and complicated challenges but that will have a reward in equal measure because it will be easy to understand but difficult to dominate.

Anthem will arrive on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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