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Twitter puts new disclosure rules for political announcements

Political advertisers in the US must identify and maintain a full online presence.

Twitter announced in a statement that it now has stricter guidelines for the disclosure of political announcements on its platform in the United States, in response to concerns about Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

The new rules, which the company calls the 'Policy of Political Campaigns', are scheduled to take effect in June in the North American country and aim to differentiate a political announcement from a standard one

Bruce Falck, head of policy Twitter, said:. "As part of this new policy, we will require that advertisers wishing to run ads for political campaigns for federal elections self - identify and certify that they are located in the US  

Political advertisers, They can request certification through the dedicated online Twitter process 

Falck added that once the necessary forms are received, the company will send a letter to the corresponding party to validate the identity and location of the advertiser.

To ensure compliance with existing FEC regulations, Twitter now reiterates that it does not allow "foreign citizens to direct political advertisements to persons identified as Americans." 

The company also requires that political campaign ads be associated with a driver who has a profile picture, a header photo, and a website that is "consistent with their online presence." 

These changes largely coincide with the announcement that Twitter made in April that it would follow the guidelines described in the bill of Honest Ads, a bipartisan bill that was first introduced in October to try to regulate political advertising practices. in social networks.

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