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This is what Ikaruga looks like running in Switch

The legendary shoot 'em up will hit the console on May 29

We are a few days away from the arrival of Ikaruga to Switch, the popular and defiant shoot 'em up that won recognition from fans 17 years ago. As expected, there are already some copies in the hands of specialists and they have shared the first gameplay of the title.

Today, the makers of the YouTube channel, Direct-Feed Games, showed the first Ikaruga gameplay running on the Nintendo hybrid console. Although the game session was only done in TV mode and not in portable mode, it is enough to give us an idea of what awaits us next May 29, when we can acquire the game in the eShop of the console in exchange for $ 14.99 USD. The video shows a tour through the first chapter, but not before showing the home panel where we find the implementations that Cave developed for this release. So, we can see the traditional Arcade mode, the Prototype model, where there will be some interesting changes and the chapter selector.

Ikaruga will debut in Switch on May 29.


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