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These are the 25 video game companies with the highest revenues in 2017

The Chinese giant Tencent is in the lead and is followed by Sony

Currently, talking about the video game industry is referring to a multi-million dollar business that is experiencing one of its most popular moments around the world. Like any business, positive results and growth are essential for everything to keep going and it is good to know that the companies that make the industry work have performed well in those areas. In that sense, Newzoo presented its report with the 25 companies that generated the highest revenues in 2017.

Today, the Newzoo analysis firm It presented its annual report in which it gives an account of the companies related to the video game industry that generated the highest revenues in 2017. Initially, the analysis revealed that those 25 companies with responsibility for the generation of 77% of the total revenues of the industry, contributing $ 94,000 MDD out of a total of $ 121,700 MDD. Once exposed the above, the report of Newzoo, which does not include income from the sale of hardware and accessories in cases that merit it and that with some companies uses estimated data, showed that Tencent, the Chinese communications giant, was the company with higher revenues in 2017, obtaining $ 18,120 MDD in its fiscal year, which represented a 51% growth with respect to the previous fiscal year. The second place is for Sony, which increased its revenue by 35% thanks to the generation of $ 10,548 MDD.

On the other hand, the third place was in the hands of Apple, whose business related to video games generated $ 8037 MDD, registering a growth in that line of 20%. Also, the fourth place went to Microsoft, whose games division generated $ 7063 million pesos, an amount that translates into a 9% growth. In the fifth position is Activision Blizzard, which registered revenues of $ 6513 million and a growth of 4%. Important mention for Nintendo, as the company, which occupied the ninth position, had a 98% increase in revenues, thanks to the generation of $ 3625 MDD.

Below you will find the complete list of the 25 companies with the highest revenues in 2017 and their respective growth with respect to the previous fiscal year:

Tencent 51%
Sony 35%
Apple 20%
Microsoft 9%
Activision Blizzard 4%
NetEase 33%
Google 35%
Electronic Arts 10%
Nintendo 98%
Bandai Namco 22%
Netmarble 82%
Ubisoft 38%
Nexon 33%
Warner Bros. 21%
TakeTwo Interactive 21%
Square Enix 5%
Mixi 3%
NCSoft 104%
CyberAgent 14%
Konami 33%
DeNA 4%
Disney -4% (decrease)
Perfect World 28%
37 Interactive 29%


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