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The Resident Evil 2 remake at E3 2018? A rumor points to it

A few weeks before the start of E3 2018 a new rumor indicates that Capcom will finally present the coveted Resident Evil 2 - Remake, which apparently promises to surprise fans with a powerful evolution of the graphics engine seen in the fantastic Resident Evil 7.

Without official confirmation from Capcom, and with signals also pointing to the announcement of a new Devil May Cry , the portal Rely on Horror ensures that the remake of the memorable Resident Evil 2 will put aside the fixed cameras of the original in favor of the camera on the shoulder, style RE 4, although a "stylized" camera is also mentioned, which could well suppose key moments of the adventure in which the action is shown from a different perspective, more cinematographic, in line with the original.

The action of this remake seeks to show some more realistic graphics, with the bet for 1080p and 30fps in the basic model of PS4, and some native 4K, but dynamic, at 60 images per second in PS4 Pro. On the other hand, always attending to this information not confirmed by the development team, there will be changes in Claire's design to modernize the aesthetics of one of the most beloved characters of the Resident Evil saga.

It only remains to wait until the beginning of June to discover if this information is real or not. At the moment we know that Capcom intends to release two important games before March 2019, one of which could be this remake of Resident Evil 2.

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