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Take-Two files suit against modder of GTA Online

The company wants Chr0m3 x MoDz to leave their game in peace

For a long time Jeremy "Chr0m3 x MoDz" Taylor was one of the most recognized names in the Grand Theft Auto Online scene as he used his knowledge to meddle with the departure of others. Although he retired for a while, he recently declared he was back and, as you imagine, Take-Two did not like this situation, so he decided to file a lawsuit against the player.

In November 2014, Take-Two Interactive contacted Taylor to reach an agreement that would benefit both of them. At that time, the modder acknowledged that he had violated the license to use the game and promised that he would not modify any type of Take-Two's catalog. However, in a recent video on YouTube (which was already deleted), Chr0m3 x MoDz admitted that it was still working on mods, but that it allowed them to see the light as the work of other people.

It was a matter of time for Take-Two Interactive to find out about this and once he did, he decided to sue Taylor. According to documents of the Australian court, the main objective of this legal measure is that the modder does not interfere with the company's software again and that it can not help other people to achieve it.

At the moment it is unknown what will happen with this case, but we will keep on track to inform you as the story unfolds.

And you, what do you think about this situation? Do you think that Take-Two Interactive is doing the right thing? Tell us in the comments.

Remember that this is not the first time that the Grand Theft Auto modders get into trouble. In fact, some time ago we told you that Rockstar put an end to a popular mods tool for their game. In addition, 3 years ago a modder denounced the intimidation of Take-Two Interactive.


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