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Supposed Fable 4's filtered gameplay is fake

Rumors say that PlayGround Studios develops the new delivery

Reports say that Microsoft plans the return of the Fable series; however, nothing is confirmed yet. What is a fact is that the community has expectations before the possible announcement of Fable 4 soon.

There is little left for E3 2018, so rumors are the order of the day. Recently, an alleged gameplay of Fable 4 was leaked, which would be in charge of Playground Games, developers of Forza Horizon.

It all started at 4Chan, where a user shared some GIF of a supposed video of the new release of the franchise. Although the source is of dubious origin, we confirm once and for all that the gameplay is false.

The forum even gave details about the mechanics of the game, which was supposedly called Fable Chapter One. Fortunately, we already know that what was shared are fragments of Forest Valley, a project by Douglas Davis, an artist who works with Unreal Engine 4.

Some players relied on the publication to the resemblance of the creation of Davis with the world of Fable; however, shortly after they were disappointed. Then, I leave the full video of what was shown in 4Chan as Fable 4.

"This is a sample of an environment in which I have been working using Unreal Engine 4. For this project I focused on improving my skills when working with foliage and landscapes, I learned to use new software along the way," said Davis. his work.

At the moment, nobody has confirmed the return of the franchise. Despite this, we know with certainty that Playground Games works in an open-world RPG, so there is hope that it is a new Fable. In addition, other reports say that the return of the RPG itself is planned for Xbox One.

In recent news, Fable Anniversary joined the console's backward compatibility program. On the other hand, Fable Fortune is already free-to-play.


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